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Are you letting a property with an EPC rating below E?

Since April 2020, landlords can no longer let a property with an EPC rating of F or G even if you have an existing tenancy on a rolling contract that commenced before April 20 and that is unless you have a valid exemption in place.

Councils around the country are start to investigate landlords that continue to rent properties and ignore the law and can impose heavy fines. Are you one of those landlords and what can you do about it?

Landlords will need to carry out some improvements to their property and may be also eligible for a green homes grant.

Either way there is a cap of £3500 which means should the cost exceed this sum then you would have an exemption as long as you have carried out £3500 worth of improvements.

Simple improvements could include heating and heating controls, lighting and reviewing your glazing.

There is also a Green Homes Grant for up to £5000 in funding. To check if you are eligible visit

Another option is to consider a Retro-fit assessment which I will discuss in another blog.

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